The website was pretty basic looking and to be honest, we didn’t hold very high hopes for he seemingly lackluster electronic cigarette website. Upon looking around, it would seem that SmokeTip only manage to offer just the one starter kit. Once again, we’re not holding hopes…

For the humble price of $39.95, you can get your hands on 2 rechargeable batteries, 5 cartridges, a wall charger, USB charger and “gift box”packaging…It was hardly much to get you excited about, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing what kind of starter kits the likes of V2 Cigs and Green Smoke offer you, but we decided to give it a shot and ordered it anyway. While we were there, we decided to have a look around the accessories to see if there was anything else to add to things to make lit a bit more exciting.


You can buy a spare battery for $18.95, and thankfully, they come in a range of colors. Pink, black, white and silver are what they have to offer so far, but they are only 180mAh…This is a pretty poor battery for something designed to last “all day”!

If you want more bang for your buck, a charger and spare battery will combo will cost just $29.95, and you’ll get the USB charger, wall adapter and the battery, just as the name suggests. The car charger is separate too at $18.95, and you’ll have to buy your own carry case for $14.50 which sadly, doesn’t charge on the go like so many of the others.

If you want a cleaning kit to keep things spick and span, that’ll cost you just shy of nine bucks, and you can even hang the e-cigarette around your neck with the lovely *cough* SmokeTip lanyard for $8.95.

For those that tend to smoke at their desks or home computers all day, the USB cigarette at $19.95 is a must-have, and as you head further down the list, you’ll soon find the portable carry case at…$18.95. That’s pretty cheap. What’s wrong with it? It charges one battery, while also holding a couple of cartridges, and the lights on the front tell you what is charging and whether it is done or not. Comparing the charging case to the other portable cases that bump your juice on the go and you’ll soon see why we wonder about the cost of this item. Most other cases go for around $40-50, so to see one this cheap, questions must be asked.

If you wanted a larger battery to give you more battery power for when you’re out and about, you can get a 350mAh one, almost twice the capacity of the original battery, and it will set you back just $24.95. It’s not a bad deal and to be honest, (and as you’ll see further down) you’ll need the larger ones anyway.

One thing that we feel we should mention before we go any further is the fact that SmokeTip also provide disposable e-cigarettes – ones that you use the once and then throw them away. Or recycle them. We’ll get to that shortly.

You can get disposable e-cigarettes and even e-cigars from SmokeTip; something we’ve not come across much elsewhere on the other e-cig websites, and they are $9.95 and $19.95 respectively. With the e-cigs, the more you buy, the more you’ll save. 5 disposables will cost you just $39.90, and are very handy to have around in a sticky situation.

Our Starter Kit:

So, let’s say that we put together our own starter kit consisting of the ONE kit SmokeTip has to offer at $39.95, plus two large batteries at $24.95 each, a car charger and USB cigarette and the total currently stands at $128.75. Add the portable charging case at $147.95, and you might as well have just bought one of the more expensive kits from the likes of Green Smoke or V2 Cigs.

At this point, we must say that the starter kit took a long time to arrive, which we weren’t all that impressed by, and when it did turn up, the packaging was pretty poor. In fact, the “gift box”they and promised earlier was just a box with stuff in it. It wasn’t brilliant packaged or presented to us beautifully. It was shoved in a box.

We opened it, holding back our judgement of the shoddy packaging, and screwed everything together, ready to take a puff. When we did, we were massively disappointed. There wasn’t the heavy rush of throat hit that we had been expecting. Now was there the mass amount of vapor to simulate actually smoking. It was all in all, a very disappointing scenario.

Taking a look at the website, and we noticed that they did a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Finding how to make use of that money back guarantee took so long, we ended up not bothering and just calling $150 of our hard earned cash a write-off.

They do offer free shipping, which is something at least, and a “lifetime”warranty…It might have been a lifetime warranty, but if your battery breaks, you can only get a new replacement battery with your next order of cartridges. You need to get an RMA from their customer services team first too. It just gets more and more complicated, doesn’t it?

Redeeming Features:

Of course, it’s not all bad news for SmokeTip, they offer a pretty impressive 22 different flavors of cartridges from tobacco to mint, banana to clove, watermelon and more. The bad news, and you must have expected some, was that the flavors seemed very watered-down, and the little flavor we did find didn’t last all that long. We were changing cartridges within the first hour.

They offer 24/7 phone support, but we were passed from department to department when we called them up to get an RMA. You can get free stuff when you order new things from the website too – when you buy 3 x ten packs of cartridges, for example, you’ll get a free battery.

In Conclusion:

To be honest, SmokeTip did very little for most of us in the team, and none of us were using this starter kit the next day. There isn’t enough bang for your buck – everything is too complicated, from needing to make up your own starter kit, to buying cartridges and getting an RMA if you have a faulty battery. There are easier companies to work with out there, and they offer a whole bunch more too.

In reality, although SmokeTip have a good idea on their side, which we imagine is the simplicity of their website, the product leaves you little to get excited about, and that’s why we’ve only managed to rate them a pretty poor one star out of five.




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