Green Smoke

Green Smoke

Sadly it is not possible to order Green Smoke e-cigs online any more. As a replacement, we’d suggest Mig Vapor. Read the Mig Vapor 21 Clear Fusion Review to find out more.

There were a lot of good things to say about Green Smoke, and you could tell as much right from the moment you jumped onto their website. There’s the 30 day money back guarantee that you can make use of if you are not happy with the product you received. We didn’t feel the need to use it, but as a beginner to the world of ecigarettes, it is always wise to find a company that offers that just in case it doesn’t work out quite as well as you had hoped. the last thing you are going to want when you are trying to save money by quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes is for the whole experience to prove to be a WASTE of money!

“Join over 3.5 million e-cigarette users worldwide”

That’s the first thing you’ll see when you jump on the website, and with that many happy customers, you can’t help but get excited about things before it has even had a chance to leave the warehouse. In fact, most of the office were waiting for the day when the big boss would come out and say, “Right kids, it’s time to review Green Smoke…”

In fact, it almost started a fight against two of the guys in our team that had very different ideas of what they wanted in the starter pack, but that’s another story for another day!

With a number of different starter kits available, we decided to keep everyone happy and go with one of the biggest ones…

The Ultimate Kit

At just $129.97, it is still cheaper than piecing things together yourself with a shoddy e-cigarette company such as SmokeTip. For this price, you’ll get three batteries, a “power”cig (or USB powered cigarette), 2 of the USB chargers, a car and wall adapter, a leather carrying case, a black carrying case and two packs of five cartridges.

The good news is that you can pick your own cartridge strengths and flavors, from one of the following:

  • Tobacco Gold
  • Red Label Tobacco
  • Absolute Tobacco
  • Vanilla Dreams
  • Menthol Ice
  • Smooth Chocolate
  • Mocha Mist
  • Mountain Clove

If you can’t make up your mind, you could always go with the Green Smoke variety pack which will give you a selection of Red Label Tobacco, Absolute Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams, and Mocha Mist.

The strengths available include Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (0.6%) and Zero nicotine, which obviously contains no nicotine at all.

To be honest, the flavors weren’t that bad. We weren’t a big fan of the coffee one – it was too strong at first and then died down to a rather bland kinda blah taste. The Smooth Chocolate was was the one that girls went nuts for, but the guys in the team had a tendency to veer towards the generic tobacco flavors. Believe it or not, they did actually taste like tobacco too, which makes a refreshing change. You would be surprised at how difficult it is for these companies to get a generic tobacco taste right. We’ve had some with the aftertaste of chocolate (VaporZone), and even had some that tasted a bit like cake…We know it sounds strange but once you’ve tried a couple of different tobacco brands and types, you’ll soon see what we mean about the companies not getting it right.

The FlavorMAX cartridges mean that not only are they sealed in foil for added freshness, but they also have a silicone cap inside the cartridge to prevent any leakages and loss of flavor, as well as rubber stoppers to prevent them from losing any life during the course of shipping and storing. We’d say the FlavorMax technology works rather well as they offered one of the best e-cigarette flavor varieties we’ve ever tasted!


When it comes to picking the batteries, both in the Ultimate Starter Kit, and when you are simply replacing old or faulty products, or to get yourself a new backup, you have more than a couple to pick from. You can go for long and short versions, and you can get them in various colors too – pink for the girls, white for the boys? You can also get them so that they glow green or red at the end. We have a tendency to go for the green ones (or blue as some companies also offer), just because they don’t look like regular cigarettes and are less likely to cause a stir. We hate drawing attention to ourselves smoking these e-cigarettes in public, and people are more likely to stand up and take notice if the e-cigarette actually looks like a real cigarette. You can’t accuse someone of burning a “real”cigarette when its glowing a bright shade of green, can you?

If you were going to buy spare batteries, they would cost you $19.97, and again, you have the color and length options to make your decision from. They have recently invested in some new designs for the batteries, it would seem, and they now offer a three-pack of batteries as well as these “designer”ones with various colors and shapes up the side of them. There are eight eye-catching styles primarily to pick from, although there is a chance that Green Smoke could choose to add to this is they prove to be a popular choice.

The “designer”battery is one that many of the e-cigarette companies seem to be investing in at the moment, with more than a few brands offering electronic cigarettes that have pretty colors and fancy designs, rather than looking just like a regular cigarette. You know demand is high when they start making them into a fashion accessory, don’t you?

Speaking of accessories, let’s take a closer look…


As well as batteries, you can buy chargers and cases from the accessories section of the website, but sadly, they don’t offer a portable carrying case like V2 Cigs and White Cloud electronic cigarette brands offer. They do offer a high powered wall charger, however, which is said to charge the batteries up quicker. We did notice that the re-juice was a bit faster than usual, but as we have a tendency to plug our e-cigarettes in overnight and leave them there, it probably wouldn’t make any difference to most of us.

*We should probably stress that this is a BAD habit and can kill the battery much quicker! You should avoid leaving your charger and battery plugged in for long periods of time!*

You can get a number of cases from the Green Smoke accessories part of the website, including a “blinged”up version for the ladies with crystals in various colors along the front. It wasn’t something we were entirely bothered by, and we wouldn’t imagine that many other people would be either. Just seems a bit pointless to us!

The Important Stuff

So now we come to the real heart of the occasion – the throat hit, the vapor, etc. You’ll be happy to know that the high strength cartridges actually feel like you are smoking a real cigarette. It was one of the closet imitations we’ve tried,and we have made our way through a fair few e-cigarette brands in our e-smoking lifetimes! The inhalation was smooth, the throat hit was plentiful, and the vapor produced was more than enough to satisfy our needs.

The feel of the cigarette is great too – it’s not too heavy, and the shorter length battery makes your e-cigarette closely resemble a regular cigarette. It was an enjoyable experience, right from the moment we opened the luxurious box and careful packaging, and enjoyed the velvet-clad smoking cessation tools inside.

Of course you will need to know about warranty, returns and all that jazz too. We’ve already figured out that a “lifetime”warranty very rarely means lifetime to these e-cig people!

The Extra Important Stuff

First of all, there is the 30 day money back guarantee that you can use if you are not happy with your purchase. If it’s not the best e-cigarette for you, simply package it up and ship it back to them and they will give you your money back, but if there is something missing or damaged, they won’t.

Secondly, the warranty will replace any faulty battery or electrical component (not cartridges) within one year of the date or purchase, as long as you haven’t refilled your own cartridges, or tampered with the e-cigarette in anyway. Sadly, this warranty doesn’t cover you if YOU physically break the e-cigarette, whether it is by accident or not.

Within that initial one year period, you will be entitled to up to three more replacements, should you encounter faulty products, and after that it’s down to you. They will only replace three in any one month period too.

You can still make use of the warranty once that initial one year period is over, but that will only apply if you have purchased more cartridges from them.

If you have a faulty product, you will need to get in touch with their customer services guys and obtain an RMA. You’ll probably find it will be quicker just to order a new battery initially, and then sort out the replacement later on. Make sure you don’t try to claim if you’ve refilled your cartridges though!

With a pretty impressive loyalty scheme where you will earn a point for every ten bucks you spend, and even a referral scheme to get money off purchases for any friends that you bring to Green Smoke, as well as yourself for referring them in the first place, there are simply too many good things to say about this e-cigarette brand. In fact, it could almost be said that Green Smoke is the best e-cigarette brand out there, for beginners and professionals alike in the e-cigarette smoking world, hence why we are giving them five stars out of five.

It is rare to find such a great e-cigarette at such a great price! Well done Green Smoke!

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