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Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs Starter KitBlu Cigs are a pretty revoutionay brand when it comes to the biggest and best e-cigarettes, and you can’t talk about the main brands out there without talking about this one. With a range of flavors and Stephen Dorff currently endorsing it, we decided to take a closer look in the Blu Cigs review.


The website was simple to work our way around, and easy to understand. We loved that right from the word go with Blu Cigs – the style was appealing to the majority of us in the team. It wasn’t as old-fashioned and disappointing as SmokeTip, but at the same time not quite as technologically scary as V2 Cigs. Good job on the website Blu Cigs!

Jenny McCarthy is the other big name loving Blu Cigs at the moment, and you will see both her and Stephen Dorff emblazoned pretty much everywhere you look. It’s not a bad thing – a couple of the world’s hottest men and women smoking an e-cigarette that promises to save you money and potentially save your life. If it’s good enough for them, surely it’s good enough for you too?

We decided to take a closer look at the starter kits and get ourselves stuck right in…

We decided to go all-out with this brand as we had heard lots of good things about it, and as we were looking at adding one of them to our order, it suddenly struck us that the website had gotten super complicated all of a sudden. We were trying to find a way to compare the various starter kits but every button we pressed took us to a page that hardly seemed relavant, and still didn’t give us the information we needed. We decided, in the end, to just pick one and run, and we went for the Premium 100 Starter Kit.

Blu Cigs Premium 100 Starter Kit

You’ll get some crazy stuff in this starter kit, setting you back $89.95. You’ll get 2 x Premium 100 batteries with a USB charger, wall charger, a five pack of cartridges (your choice) and a Premium 100 charging case with “social features”.

Sadly, when picking the cartridge flavors, you were only given seven to choose from – Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps.

The strengths available are high, medium, low or none. You needed to go further around the websites to find out what mg/percentages these cartridges were. We hate it when we have to go looking for stuff.

The charging case caught our attention from an early point. We love a good charging case and in fact, when a brand of e-cigarettes didn’t offer us one of these, we would be reluctant to purchase from them. Once you have used the carry case once to charge your batteries, you won’t ever be able to live without one again. Trust us… we are talking from experience here!

On it’s own, it would cost you $35, which is actually pretty cheap when you consider that some of the brands will charge $50 and more for one of these bad boys. Being able to charge your battery up on the go has clearly been in demand for a while and these manufacturers can charge whatever they like.

It will charge your battery, hold a spare battery and hold five cartridges in a case the size of a cigarette carton. You would be carrying one of those around anyway if you smoked so really, you are killing two birds with stone – keeping everything you need together while charging up your e-cigarette batters on the move.

When we were looking at the various starter kit, it wasn’t instantly obvious what the difference was between the regular/original kit, and the Premium 100 kit. When we researched further, (again we hate that!) it would seem that the case is better and has pretty lights showing you when the charging was needed, and also when it was completed. On top of that, the batteries are said to last longer with more power. Also, on the case there’s the social activation feature as well, which you can turn off and on when you feel like it, and this will make the case vibrate and light up when you are near someone else with the same pack, a great conversational starter apparently, or when you are closer to a stockist, in case you are low.

Now, we like the idea of the case vibrating and lighting up when we are near a physical store that sells Blu Cigs products; it’s always good to stock up when you can, but the whole social feature has us a little creeped out. I would not appreciate it if a person was to come up to me in a restaurant and say “Hi, I’ve got the same e-cigarette as you” *Insert awkward laughter here*

The Honest Bit…

To be honest, although the Premium 100 battery did give a longer life than the original (another member of our team went for the original one), they both died fairly quickly, especially when you are comparing it to the likes of V2 Cigs or VaporZone e-cigarettes. The shorter one gave us around 3 hours worth of on/off puffing, and the extra capacity one gave us about five hours. When you consider we managed to get almost a day and a half out of the VaporZone Jet, you can understand what we mean…

Moving onto the cartridges, and although the flavors seemed impressive, they didn’t last quite as long as we would have hoped. The flavor had died from the cartridge within about three hours, despite the fact you could keep puffing on it with a “nothing” taste for about a couple of hours more after that. It just meant that, unless we refilled them, we were throwing away half-filled cartridges, just because they didn’t hold the taste any longer. When you consider that the Premium 100 cartridges are said to last 350 puffs, you can only imagine how disappointed we were. None of found out how long the cartridge would have lasted because we switched when the flavor ran out and never made it that far.

Throat hit and vapor are important with electronic cigarettes and the good thing about Blu Cigs was that it produced the right amount of both to keep most of us happy. There could have been a bit more vapor if we were honest about things, but it wasn’t something that would put us off entirely.

We felt that the e-cigarette was really well made too. We ended up buying the Ashless Tray for our e-cigarettes from the accessories range that Blu Cigs has because we kept putting it on the computer table and watching it roll off. Despite the amount of times this must have happened, we didn’t break a single one, but despite this, we got the holder for it anyway. We didn’t want to push our luck any further…


Speaking of accessories, and they have a pretty decent range. There are a lot of frilly bits that we probably wouldn’t have bothered with, but some of the girls in the team went nuts for them which would suggest, just like Vapor Couture, this is a brand more designed with women in mind.

You’ll find the usual stuff on there as well – extra batteries costing $12.95 and $12.95 for short and long respectively, the portable charging case, the holder, various chargers etc. All in all, it all seemed pretty standard, and the usual black or white colors were appealing to both sexes in the office.

The Extra Stuff

This was where we think Blu Cigs were awarded the most marks. Firstly, they have an e-cigarette that you can actually depend on. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we would recommend this e-cigarette as a starting point for any first time buyer. They are easy to use, and although the website takes a bit of getting used to, they are a pleasure to smoke.

The warranty, for once, is easy to understand, and basically works out like this – as long as you bought Blu Cigs stuff from the proper retailer or online, as long as you send the faulty product back, they will send you a replacement. They are very honest in the fact that it can take a couple of weeks for this to happen from start to finish, so there are no nasty surprised, and it makes it easier for you to realize that you may as well just buy a new battery while you’re there anyway… just in case.

With a loyalty scheme that offers you points that you can spend in the store when you have enough, and a way of earning points of reviewing products, discussing them in the forum and more, there are quite a few ways to make this e-cigaretet a bit cheaper for you. There’s even a refer-a-friend scheme where you get $2 off a packet of cartridges for every person you refer, and they get $10 off their first order. Not bad going there really!

In conclusion

In conclusion, although there were a few things we didn’t like about Blu Cigs, there were a few things that we did too. The cartridges were not up to standard and we felt that these could be massively improved. At the same time though, the throat hit and vapor wasn’t bad, and the extra redeeming features did them a favor too. I think we are going to put them at 2.5 stars out of 5. What do you think? Have you ever use them? Would you agree?




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