Traveling with E-Cigarettes: The Comprehensive Guide

Just one of the reasons that people choose to turn to electronic cigarettes is for assistance when traveling long distances. You can generally smoke one of these e-cigarettes in places that you wouldn’t normally be able to smoke a “regular” cigarette, so using them for long journeys, especially those on planes, is an especially good idea. Could you imagine going for 12 hours straight without a cigarette? No… we didn’t think so!

E-Cigarettes and TravellingBefore we go any further, we do need to remind you to err on the side of caution when using your electronic cigarette in public places, and especially on public methods of transport. People will still believe you are smoking a “real” cigarette, simply because some of them look like ACTUAL cigarettes, so you must be prepared for some sort of backlash, regardless of how much you protest that you are not doing anything that goes against the rules. It is better to be safe than sorry, and we would recommend checking before you travel whether or not you are allowed to use e-cigarettes on airlines, etc. and always smoke your new toy as discreetly as you can.

Traveling can be confusing when it comes to picking the BEST e-cigarettes to take with you, and also to ensure that you have everything you need to ensure you survive your journey. For example, making sure you have taken enough batteries, enough liquid, enough cartridges, etc. The last thing you are going to want on a long-haul flight, or a long train journey, is for a battery to die and you to be left without a way of carrying on with your nicotine addiction. It definitely won’t make for a pleasant journey, that’s for sure!

You’ll need to get together a kit of sorts. We usually keep ours in a little bag or small zip-purse. You’ll need a couple of bottles of e-liquid. We recommend a couple of 10ml bottles, one in tobacco and one in another, fruity flavor. You might really appreciate the change that the refreshing mint can offer, for example, while you are up in the air, flying to the other side of the world.

You’ll need at least two batteries, preferably three. One will be the one you use heading into the airport, etc. Then you’ll need one for when the battery dies on the journey. You should look at about six or seven hours per fully charged battery if you are using a decent e-cigarette brand, so work this out accordingly for your flight. You should always have a backup battery that you don’t need, just in case something goes wrong. Do you really want to be stranded on the runway for an extra hour, waiting for a terminal to become available, completely devoid of nicotine. Trust us – we’ve been there, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience!

When you are on the flight, you should ALWAYS check with an air steward/stewardess whether or not you are allowed to use the e-cigarette. There are some airliners that won’t allow this… You might still get away with a cheeky puff whenever you head to the bathroom though. Just saying.

Always take MORE e-cigarette stuff than you need for the trip ahead too. If you are heading to another country for a couple of weeks, don’t bank on the fact that you will be able to get e-liquid while you are over there. Figure out how much you’d use in the time you are away, and take what you would normally smoke through. If you would use one 30ml bottle in two weeks back home, take three 30ml bottles with you on your trip. It’s always better to overcompensate than not have enough. You won’t always be able to buy these EVERYWHERE you go, and although they are popular, they are becoming regulated in some countries, so you don’t know that you buying them will be an easy feat.

There are a couple of brands out there that we considered to offer the best e-cigarettes for traveling. VaporFi offer e-cigarettes in the “tank” style, and we’ve used both the Jet and the Pro on our travels with next to no problems. These offer the best battery life, and although larger and bulkier than other e-cigarettes, they don’t physically look like one, reducing the chances of rousing suspicion. Most airports will have dealt with electronic cigarettes already and will have their own stance on them. As we’ve mentioned before, always check before you start publicly puffing. We managed to get away with puffing on ours in many places, making sure we are discreet about our usage.

Traveling with electronic cigarettes is easy really 🙂

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