Top Five Reasons to Make the Switch to E-Cigarettes

We already know that there are more benefits to quitting smoking than you could list on a piece of paper. Your health will improve, you will find it easier to climb stairs, the chances of getting lung cancer and other fatal conditions will decrease, you’ll get your sense of smell back, you will save a small fortune, etc…. We know all of that already, don’t we? We see it on the news and all around us every day.

The one part of quitting smoking and reaping those benefits that often goes slightly under the radar is using an electronic cigarette in a bid to quit the real cigarettes. Eventually, you could even quit completely. We know this and can guarantee it because we’ve done it ourselves. Well, most of the team has anyway.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reckons there are over one billion people around the world that smoke. That’s one billion people putting themselves at danger of dying because of smoking-related conditions, as well as the people they reach every day with their second hand smoke. When you think about how many people around the world are affected by smoking, either directly or indirectly, its pretty terrifying, isn’t it? Why not look at making the change to an electronic cigarette? You’ll find a whole host of benefits to that you might not even have thought of!

1 – Out in the cold…

Don’t you hate having to go outside in the rain/wind/snow/freezing cold just to have a cigarette when your work colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances are safely tucked up inside with their glass of wine and the warmth of the fire?

When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you don’t need to go outside to smoke your trusted cigarette. You can sit in the comfort of your own living room arm-chair and smoke without the need to worry about your wife giving you grief for smoking around the children, or your roommate moaning about how much it stinks. You aren’t burning anything because everything is completely electronic, so there is no need to go outside and smoke.

2 – You won’t die yet…

One person will die every six seconds because of a direct or indirect result of smoking. “Real”cigarettes kills almost half the smokers in the world. This means that out of all the people that smoke, half of them will die because of something smoking-related, such as lung cancer. Apparently, it accounts for six millions deaths every year.

3 – You won’t stink!

We’ve mentioned this briefly already. You won’t have the stench of cigarettes to worry about anymore with the electronic cigarette. You won’t be burning anything so the smoke won’t penetrate into your clothes, hair, furniture and walls. You all remember that one relative whose home you used to go to at Christmas and family functions that made EVERYONE smell like cigarettes? Well, give it a few more years and you won’t be far off that.

Give up the “real”cigarettes to smoke electronic ones, and you’ll no longer stink like a stale ashtray.

4 – You’ll save a small fortune!

Put it this way, we’ve worked out how much we saved by making the change to electronic cigarettes for just six months, and we were amazed by how much money we’ve saved. In fact, we’ll do a whole feature on it. You should be aware of the massive savings open to you just by swapping from regular cigarettes to the electronic ones. Just think of it like changing brands!

5 – You’ll lead a better life!

On top of the whole saving money thing, having better health, not smelling like an ashtray, and not dying too soon, you’ll find a whole range of benefits from making the change from regular cigarettes to their electronic counterparts. For a start, you’ll breath better. This, in turn, leads to a whole variety of interesting changes to your body. You’ll have more energy. You’ll feel physically better because your heart is having to work so hard, and you won’t get so out of breath quite so fast when you are running around or climbing the stairs. You’ll probably ind that you’ll sleep better too, and you’ll enjoy food a whole lot more because your sense of smell and taste will come back with a vengeance. One of the guys in our team took a particular liking to caesar salad out of the blue when he changed to e-cigarettes. Now it’s basically all he eats! He’s lost weight too…Maybe we should take note?

At the end of the day, it just makes perfect sense to give up smoking real cigarettes and puff away on electronic ones instead. If you’re looking for a better reason than this, just take a look around at the friends, family and work colleagues around you right now, and how sad it would be for them if you were to pass away. Do yourself a favor and save your own life.


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