Quitting with E-Cigarettes: The Body Timetable

Quitting Smoking Using E-cigarettesFrom the second that you put out that cigarette, your body starts to change for the better. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve smoked for, quitting, or making the change to smoke electronic cigarettes instead, could still have the potential to change your life. All you need to do is take the leap of faith and give it a shot.

It’s a scary world; the non-smoking one, but it’s a world many of us can’t wait to get our teeth into!

The reason we suggest quitting with electronic cigarettes is because you will reap the non-smoking benefits straight away, as long as you don’t revert back to smoking. The moment Jeff in our team ripped open the packaging of the first V2 Cigs e-cigarette starter kit, he stopped smoking. After six months of smoking the electronic cigarettes, he quit those too. It’s been almost two years now, since that point, and he has been completely devoid of nicotine for that entire time. He is a testament to how these e-cigarettes can work for you, and have done for many of us!

The positive effects of making the change will happen within the first twenty minutes of putting your cigarette out. Your temperature will go back to how it should be. Your pulse rate, heightened by the extra work your heart was doing while you were smoking, will have dropped back to normal. Your blood pressure should be more regular now too.

After a good night’s rest sleep, or about eight hours, the amount of nicotine in your body will have dropped to about 6.25%. It will have been 100% when you smoked that last cigarette. That’s why, when you wake up in the morning, all you want is that cup of coffee that you have now learned to associated with smoking your cigarette! Obviously, with the e-cigarette you will still be getting your nicotine fix, but this is something that you can wean yourself away from. We’ll get to that too, don’t worry! 😉

12 hours have gone by and at this point, your body will be thanking you for your decision. Your mind probably won’t though. By this point, if you hadn’t used the e-cigarette and gotten your necessary nicotine fix, you’d be feeling very uncomfortable indeed. You’d start to get very irritable, if you hadn’t already, and you will be anxious, looking for anything to do to stop you from thinking about cigarettes. We’ve all been there, in all the times that we had tried to quit smoking before, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. At all!

However, after the first twelve hours of using e-cigarettes and not smoking, your blood oxygen levels will be right where they are meant to be. Your carbon monoxide levels will be almost there too. There’s good news on the horizon after all!

After two days of not smoking real cigarettes, your sense of smell and taste should have returned. At this point, you will find that food tastes positively delicious, and your baby’s diaper smells disgusting. You will also find that you have more or less gotten used to the new electronic cigarette and by this point, you will be a much nicer person to be around! (Not that we’re saying you weren’t already… )

After about three months, your risks of having a heart attack will have dropped down, and after a couple more months, your risks will be the same as a non smoker. Your lung function will have improved by quite a bit, and after about four months, your blood circulation will be so much more improved. If you had the “smoker’s cough”, it will probably have gone by now.

As the years go by, things will continue to improve for you. After about five years, your risks of having a stroke will have dropped so significantly, it would only be marginally higher than the risks associated with a non-smoker, and when you add to this the fact that you will have reduced the chances of suffering with things like diabetes too, you are on to a winner regardless of which way you look at things.

Once you actually quit smoking – the e-cigarettes as well as the real cigarettes, it will take as little as three weeks for everything to go back to exactly as it should. Even if you were to give up cold turkey, day three would be the worst day for nicotine withdrawals, and once the three week mark has passed, you’ll find that the cravings are easily survivable.

You WILL still have cravings when you make the switch from a regular cigarette to an electronic one, but this is to be expected to some degree. As long as you have a bit of will power and manage to control yourself by puffing on the e-cig rather than puffing on the regular cigarette, you will soon find that these cravings disappear completely and you won’t need to worry about them any more.

Have you got the will power to make the change? Why not make life easier and quit smoking with the help of an electronic cigarette. you can’t have an opinion until you’ve tried them, and you never know – you might actually end up enjoying it!

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