E-Cigarettes & The Celebrity Endorsement

It seems that smoking electronic cigarettes has become something of a fashion craze lately, with everyone and anyone puffing away on those strange objects that you’re apparently allowed to smoke in public places, and even inside restaurants! You can even get away with smoking them in a cab, as long as you tell the driver that it is an electronic cigarette and he or she is fine with it, of course. You must still be polite about your newfound smoking habit.

Sean Penn puffing e-cigaretteThere are plenty of celebs that have been spotted enjoy the delights that these e-cigarettes have to offer. Leonard DiCaprio is perhaps one of the most famous patrons of the smoking device, and was even spotted using one of them at the Golden Globes. Sean Penn has been seen with one hanging out of his mouth, and even the likes of Christina Milian, Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan. These aren’t Z-list celebrities… these are A-list guys, and if it’s okay for them, surely it’s okay for you too!

The thing about smoking electronic cigarettes for these celebrities is probably not because they work out cheaper because we would imagine that most of these actors, actresses and singers have bank balances that we could only dream about, but because they make the world a better place for everyone involved. They can live the fabulous lifestyle they have always dreamed of living without the need to worry about hanging out on balconies smoking in the rain, stinking like an ashtray every time they “spark one up”, and the effects that smoking these “cancer-sticks” have on the complexion…

Come on – it’s the vain factor that has probably lead to many of these e-cig fanatics to them in the first place. Smoking has some pretty bad effects on the way you look, and can even make you look much older than you actually are. In fact, some smokers that we’ve seen whilst out and about look about 40 but in fact are only actually about 25. It’s not a good look and when you are in the public eye quite as much as Robert Pattinson, Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton, you can’t look old. There’s no way you can look old.

There are a lot of tell-tale signs that you are a smoker. You won’t have to worry about a lot of these when you smoke electronic cigarettes. Loose skin under the eyes, for example, is a prime way that smoking makes you look older. On studies with twins, a smoking twin shoes the signs of sagging skin a lot sooner than the non-smoking twin. Also, when you smoke, you tend to smoke outside more often, and the smoker twin also showed more signs of sun damage as a result of smoking.

When you smoke, you are starving your skin of the precious nutrients it needs in order to flourish, which often results in skin that looks pale, greying and undernourished. The lack of oxygen, hydration and essential vitamins and minerals will mean that you suffer at the hands of an uneven skin tone from a much younger age. Again, with the twin study, the smoking twin had very poor skin complexion, and had done since a young age.

Leonardo DiCaprio smoking e-cigaretteGoing back to sagging skin, and the 4,000-odd chemicals that are present in the tobacco in “real” cigarettes destroys the elastin and collagen in your body, meaning that you will suffer from sagging skin all over the body. Is that really something you want to deal with? Those bingo-wings and saggy gut? By quitting smoking and switching to electronic cigarettes, you are eliminate most of those 4,000-odd chemicals, which in turn means that your skin will be less likely to sag. It just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Girls – your chest will sag as a result of the starvation of oxygen and nutrients, and men may find that once-muscly pecs turn into flabby man-boobs. This is all a result of smoking… Isn’t it making you think twice about sparking up that cigarette you have in your hand to have with that cup of coffee you just made?

Smoking e-cigarettes WILL NOT help you with the puckering effect that inhaling on the filter has n your mouth, but e-cigarettes WILL make quitting smoking entirely, even the electronic ones, much easier, which means in turn you will prevent this smoking effect as well. As well as this, the loss of elasticity that we’ve mentioned a few times won’t happen quite as badly, so you won’t find that your lips are bleeding or getting too thin before their time.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to be had from being as cool as Britney Spears, Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlie Sheen with their e-cigarettes… You won’t suffer with age spots too early. Scientists have shown that although this is something that will generally happen with age and sun damage anyway, people that smoke are more prone to more noticeable and larger age spots, and the twin study once again seemed to confirm that.

Smoking damages your gums and teeth, which means you are likely to suffer with bad breath, gum disease, and loss of teeth. Changing to e-cigarettes will prevent this. Smoking can cause staining on your fingers. Changing to e-cigarettes will prevent this. Smoking has been linked to hair loss in both men and women. Changing to e-cigarettes will prevent this. Have you got the hint yet? Changing to electronic cigarettes like the celebs have done COULD change your entire life. You’ll look better, feel better, you’ll have more money in the bank, and you’ll have more hair on your head. With smoking linked to more conditions than you could ever imagine, it might be well worth investigating this whole electronic cigarette phase in further detail. You never know what kind of difference it could have on your life, and that of those closest to you.

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